Video Making

A video is one of the easiest and most influential ways of telling your customers about any product or service you offer. It usually has a long-lasting and memorable impression on the mind of any viewer. Video production is spreading its wings as it has transformed into an essential marketing tool for most businesses and the corporate world. A video is by far the fastest growing marketing trick in use today because it informs and influences better than any other media channel. It’s a visceral experience that engages the audience both visually and verbally. Videos in the form of animated videos, explainer videos, video presentations, ads, commercials, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, kinetic typography, etc. can yield very good results in aspects of promotion & business subsequently.

Design Outlay is one of the distinguished corporate film-makers, with a team of creative, highly skilled, and practiced video makers and photographers working internally. We have a sound understanding of the marketing & advertising industry and have worked with many reputed brands in taking their businesses to a whole new level of success, only through our highly enthralling corporate videos. The process of concept creation–storyboarding–production management–editing–finishing is supported by state-of-the-art technology, expert crew, innovative direction, and an audience-centric presentation approach. At Design Outlay, video production takes several static and dynamic elements into consideration to extract success out of any challenging corporate film-making.

We also have a facility for shooting both stills & video for the products & services you offer to your clients. We can script & shoot as per your requirement for corporate presentations, internal procedures for training purposes, annual events, promotional videos for online platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, youtube, etc., that engages the target audience and ensures your message is heard.

“A good VIDEO is the most ENGAGING way to share your BRAND with others.”

Animated Videos

As time is progressing, we are moving towards newer techniques in brand promotions. The animation is one of them as it enhances the face value of your brand and increases its visibility. Our team is capable of meeting the client’s requirements by conveying messages convincingly to the target audiences and creating world-class animation. Our talented team of storytellers and animators will work with you from concept to delivery to ensure that your animated video stands out.

Explanar Videos

An Explanar video is a perfect way to show potential customers how a product works and the benefits of using it. Our professional and thorough approach in Explanar videos reflects high standards of quality and detail in every frame created by us. Our services make us distinct because our approach is to deliver extremely relevant & engaging explainer videos, which can take your brand’s story forward.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics video productions are an integral part of our services offered to clients. High-quality digital motion graphics adds a different level of production value which can take an ordinary video to an extraordinary level while enhancing the message and theme. These videos are not only designed to impress people but they are also formatted to engage audiences more deeply within a central narrative.

Live-Action Videos

There is a major chunk of the target audience who prefer live-action videos over animation. Our live-action video services allow you to highlight the human persona and emotion behind your brand or product. It is always interesting to see real locations and faces because it adds a cinematic feel which is often lacking in animations.
If you think your brand requires a thrilling live-action video, you can count on us to add more credibility to your brand’s name.

The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.

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